Remember that you can play any of these maps immediately with your friends...
- download the mod
- download the map file, unzip the file (named .erf) on your machine
- open the mod with the Tools from NWN
- in the file menu, select import
- select the .erf file you unzipped.
!! When you do the erf import, remember to click on select None when asked if you want to overwrite the scripts !!
- save the mod, close the tools
- start the game from your local machine.

If you want to test another map after that, you will need to delete the previous map you imported before importing the second one.

When a map has been imported this way, there is no more map rotation: only the imported map will be available.

Deleting the imported map from the mod will restore the normal map rotation.

 NB: All maps marked with updted have been modified to take in acocunt the modifications of the latest versions. The other one need to be updated according to the mappers page.


Map Chartrix Gloom (By The Binary Beast)- updated 4/13/2004

Map Dark Blake's Cove (By PDL Northpal)- - updated 5/6/2004

Map Deaths Calling (By Dark Templar)

Map Embattled Outpost (By Maudlin)

Map Escape the Gold Room (By Lorac and Traxx)

Map Filthy Death (By PDL Northpal) - updated 8/29/2004

Map Forgotten BattleField (By Anien)- updated 4/13/2004

Map Four Corner (By Talamanthalon Quevloth) - Created 5/1/2004

Map Gauntlet (By Talamanthalon Quevloth) - updated 4/4/2004

Map Guerilla Warfare (By Nelor) - updated 8/29/2004

Map Lord's Keep (By Anien)

Map Lost Island (By Amon[FV])

Map Nocturnal Castle (by Maudlin)

Map Over The Hill (By PDL Northpal)- updated 3/13/2004

Map Resident Evil (By Lorac)- updated 4/13/2004

Map Ruins of Pain (by Northpal) - updated 8/29/2004

Map Shadow's Retreat (by ?) - updated 8/29/2004

Map Slaad City (By Senti)- updated 4/4/2004

Map Snow Fields (By PDL Northpal)- updated 3/15/2004

Map The Lake (By Sneaky Shadow)- updated 2/21/2004

Map Thieves Den (by Lorac)

Map Thy Lord's Oasis [SoU] (by Lorac) - updated 5/6/2004

Map Trouble at Tiny Town (By Chump)- updated 4/4/2004

Map Two Forts (By DMJhenne)

Map Two Towers (By Maudlin)

Map Valley of Death (By Chump) updated 8/29/2004

Map Winter's Revenge (by Lorac)




Hillking Arena (From an idea by Mike Donais)- updated 4/4/2004

HillKing Hall of Kings (By PDL Northpal)- updated 4/4/2004