What do Dragons want? Gold, of Course!

This Player Versus Players mod, Capture The Flag style, depicts the tribal war between RedStone, GreenWood, BlueRidge and SilverStream. Under the severe rules of their Dragon Lords, the teams must strive and fight to hoard more Gold Pieces to please their master!

Use stealth and cunning to enter the enemy base, or brute force to break in, and go for their gold. But you then have to make it alive back to your Lord to deliver the precious metal to his greedy appetite.

If you are interested to host this mod, you can send an email at northpal@nwtactics.com.

You can play with SoU only or with both SoU and HotU.

Check the Review of our mod here and the Bioware forums

If you wish to contribute to the mod, use the link below. Thanks for your interest!

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